We believe that home starts with a feeling

The realistic artificial flowers in the vase make you feel the beauty of nature. The various exquisite decorations allow you to enjoy your own style, and the comfortable home furnishings make it easier for you to enjoy life. Even a small earring or headdress on you can bring a pleasant mood to your family, loved ones, and friends.


We founded Nollipop to bring this warm, relaxed, and comfortable feeling into your home. We were born in San Jose, California, and draw design inspiration from the lush forests and rolling coastlines of this land. Our story began with the first store opening in December 2020.


When sourcing products, we strive to find high-quality, handmade, customized products around the world and purchase reusable artificial products made from recycled materials whenever possible. In addition, we work with suppliers to ensure transparency, go beyond labor best practice certifications, and provide wages above living standards. Our overall goal: do better.


We have streamlined the courier process by shipping products directly from suppliers to our customers to reduce the carbon footprint of courier shipping. We have replaced recyclable plastic air pillows and bubble wrap with degradable honeycomb paper and introduced new packaging box kits made from unbleached recycled cardboard. At Nollipop, we believe that the joy of nature will never fade. We also believe that every item we sell has an impact on our community and environment -- this fuels our spirit to source, produce, and deliver the highest quality, sustainable products.


Our customer service team is always ready to assist you

Customer First

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We carefully select the highest quality products at the best prices. Most of our orders are shipped within 72 business hours. For a small portion of handmade orders, we produce them in the order they are placed and ship them to you as soon as they are completed. Please be patient.

Original Design

We are constantly innovating. Every month, our design team carefully curates a series of custom seasonal boutiques, premium flowers, and accessories that you can't find anywhere else, bringing you new inspiration. Of course, if you have customized needs or large quantities of supply needs can contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

Your Story

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our story. We can't wait to hear your own story. Please tag @Nollipop on social media to show us how you style your favorite Nollipop pieces. We hope our introduction brings you more inspiration and makes the comfort of home within reach.


We take pride in our work and our customer testimonials reflect that.