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How to Maintain these Decorations?
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How to Maintain these Decorations?

Our artificial plants and food models have been using environmentally friendly recyclable materials while ensuring high quality and ultra-realistic premise. They can be kept for a long time and easy to clean up. Next let me give you some advice on how to clean them.

- Artificial Flowers Maintenance

●The material of simulated pistil is silk, silk over glue, PE, PU, EVA, etc.

●Silk material pistil daily cleaning can be used with a small brush to gently brush, you can clean the dust. Not recommended to wipe directly with a cloth.

●PE, PU, EVA, silk over glue material pistil can be cleaned with a small brush when it is not cleaned with a clean wipe cloth with water.

- Do Not Use Water To Rinse These Faux Flowers

Artificial flowers are generally connected between the petals and the stem with glue, as well as these flowers are hand-dyed. So remember not to rinse and soak for a long time to avoid damage.


- Fake Green Leaves/Greenery Maintenance

Simulation of greenery, green leaves are mostly made of environmentally friendly materials PEVA, can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


- How To Clean These Fake Bread, Cakes, Vegetables, Fruits?

These size, weight, details of texture are 1:1 restoration of artificial food, they are so realistic,that you can't wait to grab a bite.

Handmade with natural latex material, formaldehyde-free, Environmental friendly and can be stored for a long time. Usually clean up only need to use a water-soaked wipe gently wipe can.

Nollipop silicone manufacturing display chocolate ball props

-Notice To Buyers

Simulation flowers, greenery products are handmade, petals, leaves are manually glued on, occasionally fall off, just insert back into the corresponding hole. In the transportation process, Flower poles will be bent for shipment. The flower rod is made of iron wire, it will not affect the use.You can just cut it or bend it at will according to the height of the vase or the size you need.

The product is taken in kind by the team, but the color difference of the picture displayed by different devices is slightly different, please refer to the actual product.

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