About Us

We are two siblings who love to make jewelry and love to do handicrafts. My sister's name is Emily. She usually loves to buy all kinds of jewelry, strings, necklaces, but she is particularly fond of pearls. Each pearl is natural and unique, and has its own color and luster. Emily has seen a variety of pearl jewelry styles in the market, but found that they are very monotonous, not enough personalized, old fashioned, so she started to make jewelry. I found that my sister's handmade jewelries are very beautiful and deserves to be owned by more girls who love beauty, so we siblings hit it off and set up the brand Nollipop. We work together to handcraft cost-effective and unique jewelries for everyone. Because our jewelry is handmade from natural pearls, each pearl has its own natural texture and shape, and may contain some impurities, so please be more tolerant.  If you have questions, please contact our customer service. We hope you like our jewelry!

About Pearl

The pearls used in our jewelry are carefully selected and purchased from pearl sources around the world, and our pearls are very cost-effective and of outstanding quality for their class.

About Jewelry Making

Our store jewelry are handmade by my sister Emily and her little sisters, accessories are used S925 silver or 14K gold, so we do not have a lot of products in stock, the number of limited If you like our products must be bought as soon as possible!


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